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Holistic Health Consultation (Specialties: Arts therapy, Yoga, Nature walk, Reflexology and Nutritional Counseling)

Tahira Ikram

Holistic Health Consultation

Tara is a holistic doctor of metaphysical science specializing in arts therapy, nature walk, nutritional counselling, yoga and reflexology. She has completed her students from York University Toronto, She also holds a yoga teacher training of 200 hrs.   She can help her clients select the right beauty products & dietary supplements for themselves. She can also help clients in providing nutritional advice, referral to other practitioners, and community resources. Her focus area in natural health consulting is disease prevention, personal development/growing, and helping clients make healthy lifestyle choices.
Tahira can help clients who are looking for relaxation thai/yoga massage and need pain/stress relief. She is offering one on one yoga sessions, skin care treatments and reflexology massage services to her clients.
Tahira is organizing weekly seminars in nutritional health, skin care & yoga. She is always accepting new clients in her clinic. She is also certified in providing phlebotomy and IV nutrition therapy. 

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Why Naturopathy

Why make healthy lifestyle choices?

It can help with

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Provide nutritional consulting to clients, community groups; plan and conduct nutrition education programs such as workshops, discussion groups, etc. Specializing in coaching arthritis, digestive health disorders (e.g. constipation, diarhea, gallbladder problems, irritable bowel syndrome eating disorders, etc) , allergies & skin disorders (e.g. eczema, psoriasis, itchiness, acne, hyperpigmentation, etc)

Exercise Coaching & Yoga massage

Arthritis can be prevented in number of ways: doing regular exercises, yoga massage, acupressure swedish+aromatherapy, reflexology, meditation, and selecting the healthy diet & supplements.

Providing yoga, reflexology, meditation, arts therapy and nutritional counseling. 
Clients can give additional tips if they are happy with the service. Services are covered by health insurance companies in New Brunswick.

Initial Consultation: $85, Follow ups: $65

--Nutritional counselling: $40 per session
--60 min Yoga and Reflexology session: $50
-- 60 min foot/hand reflexology....$50, 90 min reflexology.....$70

--1 hr Yoga session: $20, 1 hr Art therapy session: $40

--Package of Reflexology, Arts therapy and Nutritional Counseling: $125



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Address: 797 Prospect St. Fredericton, NB E3B 5Y4


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