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Holistic Health Consultation (Specialties: Clinical Laboratory Science, Reflexology, Yoga Massage, Nutritional & Exercise Coaching)

Tahira Ikram

Holistic Health Consultation

Tahira is a licensed Holistic Practitioner in Toronto, Canada. She is a certified natural health practitioner specializing in thai/yoga massage, foot reflexology, feet and nails care, youth exercise and wellness coaching. Tahira holds Registered nutritional counselor certification with Canadian Examining Board of Healthcare Practitioners.  She is providing nutritional products counselling & helping her clients to make healthy lifestyle decisions. Tahira organizes weekly seminars/discussion groups for her clients as a holistic practitioner.
Tahira is currently working as a yoga bodywork therapist & foot reflexologist in Toronto. She provides relaxation thai/yoga massages. She has completed her studies at TMT School, Mississauga. She can perform yoga massages. She is also certified in Youth & Corrective Exercises by National Academy of Sports Medicine. She organizes weekly fitness classes for children ages 1-16 and all other ages.

She holds a Bachelors in Science & Technology Studies from York University Plus other Biomedical lab certificates (in ECG, Phlebotomy & Intravenous medication administration) from Springfield College of Healthcare Brampton. She is able to help clients selecting the dietary supplements, personal care products, providing nutritional/health advises, yoga massage therapy/reflexology, and referrals to the other practitioners and community services. Tahira's main area in Holistic Health Consultations is disease prevention, personal development and making healthy lifestyle choices.


Why make healthy lifestyle choices?

It can help with

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Provide nutritional consulting to clients, community groups; plan and conduct nutrition education programs such as workshops, discussion groups, etc. Specializing in coaching arthritis, digestive health disorders (e.g. constipation, diarhea, gallbladder problems, irritable bowel syndrome eating disorders, etc) , allergies & skin disorders (e.g. eczema, psoriasis, itchiness, acne, hyperpigmentation, etc)

Exercise Coaching & Yoga massage

Arthritis can be prevented in number of ways: doing regular exercises, yoga massage, swedish+aromatherapy, reflexology, meditation, and selecting the healthy diet & supplements.

Providing fitness/exercise classes to children ages 1-16 & all other ages. Also offering them yoga massage. 
Clients can give additional tips if they are happy with the service

Providing Non-RMT thai/yoga massage, and foot reflexology service. Clients can give additional tips if like the service.
--60 min yoga massage+ 30 min foot reflexology.....$80 package
--60 min yoga/swedish/aroma massage.....$50
--60 min foot reflexology.....$50, 30 min Mani & Pedicure.....$30
--30 min foot reflexology......$30, Nutritional Products Advising.... $30, 30 min exercise coaching....$30

--30 min reflexology+60 min yoga body massage+ 30 min exercise & wellness coaching...$100



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